Water Level Meters

Groundwater Monitoring with Water Level Meters

little-dipper2Heron Instruments’ water level meters are designed and manufactured for well drillers, consultants, hydrogeologists and other professionals who require to measure the most accurate static and drawdown water levels in wells, boreholes, remediation sites and open bodies of water.
We designed all of our water level meters to be modular, for easy cleaning and servicing. The units come complete in a provided carry case for ease of transport and to help protect your precision instrument from the elements.

large-dipper-t-water-level-meterThe Heron Instruments Advantage

Whether you are constructing a new well, maintaining a well, decommissioning an abandoned well or monitoring falling water level during purging and pump testing, we have the perfect ground water monitoring equipment for the job!

Water Well Driller’s Resources

water-level-meter-donationWater well drillers, hydrologists, and engineers have been using our water level meters successfully for the last 20+ years to install, maintain and monitor water wells in all regions of the world. 


little-dipper-testingHow to Use Your Heron Instruments Water Level Meter

Heron Instruments’ water level meters are very straightforward to use after you know how to use them. We have instructional videos to help you maintain and get the most out of your water level meter.


Heron Instruments’ Water Level Meters

dipper-T four functionsdipper-t2water-tape2little-dipper2-water-level-meter