Water Level Meters

Heron Instruments’ water level meters are designed and manufactured for well drillers, consultants, hydrogeologists and other professionals who require to measure the most accurate static and drawdown water levels in wells, boreholes, remediation sites and open bodies of water.

Whether you are constructing a new well, maintaining a well, decommissioning an abandoned well or monitoring falling water level during purging and pump testing, we have the perfect ground water monitoring equipment for the job!

Our water level measuring devices have the capability of measuring in a wide variety of environments and for many different applications:

  • Multi-function units capable of 2 – 4 different measurements
  • Slim line tape and probes for measuring in narrow openings
  • Compact units for ease of transport
  • Well depth indicators for measuring to the bottom of the well
  • Well casing indicators to find the length of the steel casing
  • Durable units for measuring in harsh environments
  • Taglines for well installation and well maintenance
  • Long tape units with motorized reels

We designed all of our water level meters to be modular, for easy cleaning and servicing. The units come complete in a provided carry case for ease of transport and to help protect your precision instrument from the elements.

Simply click on the product selection guide to find the right water level meter for you, or read more on each water level meter below.


dipper-T Four Function Water Level Meter – The dipper-T water level meter is designed for well drillers, consultants and hydrogeologists all across the globe. The dipper-T is manufactured for professionals who require the most accurate measurements of water levels, length of well-casing and total well-depth read more…

dipper-t2 bag

dipper-T2 Static & drawDown Water Level Meter – The dipper-T2 is a rugged and dependable water level meter made from high quality materials, easy to use for a wide variety of applications. The dipper-T2 is capable of measuring both static and falling head levels read more…



water tape2 Economical Static & drawDown Water Level Meter The water tape2 water level meter is made for drillers, consultants and hydrogeologists that are looking for an economic water level meter that does not lack in quality. The water tape2 provides accurate water measurements without going over budget read more…


little dipper2 Compact Water Level Meter – The little dipper2 compact water level meter is the best tool for measuring the depth of water in a well or borehole that requires a short tape length. The little dipper2 works the same as the dipper-T2 in terms of functionality, but has a more compact frame allowing the meter to be easily transported in the field read more…


SKINNY DIPPER Narrow Diameter Water Level Meter – The SKINNY DIPPER narrow diameter water level meter has the thinnest tape and probe in our whole product family. The SKINNY DIPPER is a premium water level meter designed for hydrogeologists and well drillers to measure water down narrow openings of wells and piezometers read more…


dipper-Tough Rugged Static & drawDown Water Level Meter – The dipper-Tough water level meter is our most durable water level meter. Made for use in landfill and remediation sites, the dipper-Tough uses Kynar coated tape which helps it outlast white economic tapes and polyethylene coated tapes in such environments read more… 


dipper-Tag Tag line Water Level Meter – The dipper-Tag water level meter is designed for hydrogeologists who require a tape to attach a bailer to, in order to do water quality sampling. It can also be used by well drillers when performing well installation or well maintenance read more…