Vertical Downhole Inspection Cameras

Heron Instruments’ vertical downhole inspection cameras are designed and manufactured for well inspectors, well drillers, hydrogeologists and other professionals who require to view the condition of wells, drains, boreholes, vertical shafts and open bodies of water.

Keeping portability in mind, the downhole cameras and included accessories comes in a tough, wheeled case for ease of transport to job sites for performing well inspections, new well installations or well maintenance.

Where some other water well cameras are costly and cumbersome to service, the modular design of the self-contained Heron downhole cameras allows for easy replacement of parts for service and future up-grades.

Want to see our inspection camera in action? Click here.

dipper-See examiner

dipper-See EXAMINER Vertical Downhole Inspection Camera The dipper-See EXAMINER vertical downhole inspection camera is a cost-effective way for people performing well inspections, maintenance, and installation to do their jobs quickly and accurately. The dipper-See EXAMINER comes with everything a well inspector, well driller, or hydrogeologist needs to read more…