dipperLog VENTED+

Groundwater Data Logger

The dipperLog VENTED+ is a reliable, cost effective solution for measuring groundwater levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. The dipperLog VENTED+, incorporates a gauged transducer that measures pressure exempt from barometric influences which is ideal to use in both long and short term monitoring.

Deployment Options:

Direct Read Version – enables you to do real time readings and download your data while the dipperLog is still in the well.

The dedicated, intuitive software makes the dipperLog quick and easy to program and launch. Simply recover your data, save your findings in a tabular display and graph, view both parameters side by side in a split screen.

How to Setup and Program a dipperLog

How to Download Data from a Heron Instruments dipperLog Groundwater Data Logger

“It is the Distributor’s and/or User’s responsibility to ensure chemical, temperature, radiative, and shock compatibility with their site(s) before, during and after deployments. Not doing so will void any and all warranties”


Request Quote:

  • Memory – 128,000 data sets (depth and temperature of water)
  • Download Speed – 128,000 data sets in 6 minutes (21,333.33 Sets/min)
  • Battery – up to 15 years or 5,000,000 readings (depending on usage)
  • Calibration Certificate with each logger
  • Machined, 316 marine grade stainless steel body and transducer
  • Able to convert deployment options easily in the field
# of Data Points128,000
Download Speed21,333.33 Data Sets/min (128,000 readings downloads in 6 minutes)
Water Level Accuracy (Typical)+/- 0.05%FS (0°C to 50°C)
Temperature Accuracy (Typical)+/- 0.05°C 
(Temperature Sensor Meets 
ASTM E1112 and ISO 80601-2-56. 
NIST Traceability)
Operating Features
Pressure Ranges10m/30ft (14PSI), 30m/100ft (43PSI), 60m/200ft (85PSI), 120m/400ft (171PSI)
Overpressure Rating2X Factory Calibrated Range
Operating Temperature-20°C to 80°C (-5°F to 175°F)
Pressure Resolution %FS0.001
Expected Battery Life (Depending on Usage)Up to 5,000,000 Readings (
Up to 15 Years)
Warranty3 Years
Physical Characteristics
Wetted Material316 SS, Delrin®, Buna-N
O-Ring (Primary)Buna-N
O-Ring (Backup)Viton
Transducer316 SS Piezoresistive Silicon
Length145mm / 5.7”
Diameter22mm / 0.87”
Deployment Options
Direct Read
Note:In "Log Time" mode the dipperLog increases the readings from 1 second by an additional 1 second for 255 readings. The final reading interval is 4 min. and 14 sec. and the logger then stops logging. This mode logs for a total of 9 hours before stopping.
Direct Read Cable1/8" Polyurethane


Well Head Readout Version: Leave in well to read- Direct Read

  • Suitable for long term monitoring with easy access for data download and real time readings
  • Downloading and re-programming can be done without removing the dipperLog from the well

PC Communication Cable - PN# 5009
Software – PN# 5008

This cable is necessary to establish a connection between the software and the dipperLog. It connects via the USB port in your laptop or other field device, enabling you to program, launch and download data with ease. This cable can be connected either directly to the dipperLog, to the well head or to the face of the reel.

tapNtell Surface Mount Display – PN# 5020

The tapNtell is a surface mount weather resistant display accessory for the dipperLog well head readout version. The conical connector end of the tapNtell is attached to the direct read well head and the surface mount display unit can be attached to the side of the casing, fence or pump house (any solid surface). The tapNtell provides an instant real time reading of water level and temperature with a tap of a finger.

SDI-12 Interface Cable – PN# 5021

The SDI-12 system enables the dipperLog data to be accessed from remote locations by a central computer base without site visits. The sensors can be interchanged without reprogramming the data recorder with calibration or other information. The power is supplied to the sensors through a third party device that enables telemetric data readings.
Operating Voltage (DC) :: 7.5 – 35 VDC
Supply Current (Stand-by) :: 10µA
Supply Current (Active) :: 1.5mA

dipperLog Maintenance Kit – PN# 5024

To help get the most out of your Heron dipperLog, purchase the dipperLog Maintenance Kit (PN# 5024) to keep your dipperLogs accurate and performing at their peak for many years. The maintenance kit consists of:
1. 5x packs of Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner
2. 25x Replacement O-Rings
3. O-Ring Applicator Guide & Pick
4. Cleaning Cloth
5. Rubber Gloves

Lockable Well Caps – Compression – PN# 5007

The Nylon well cap is watertight and tamperproof hinged locking cap, ideal for deploying the well head readout version of a dipperLog in a well.

Plug – PN# 5006

The Nylon expansion cap is a watertight locking plug, ideal for deploying the suspended version of a dipperLog in a well.

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