Oil/Water Interface Meters

Heron Instruments’ interface meters are specialized water level meters designed to measure the depth and level of anhydrous phase fluids, both dense and light (DNAPL & LNAPL), as well as water. The two principles used to determine oil/water interface level measurements are the light deflection caused by the fluids and the conductivity of water.

The interface meter is extremely useful for determining the depth of any hydrocarbon or free product layer floating on top of your water or underneath your water. Portable oil/water interface detectors can be deployed in any vessel, tank, well or large body of water. With clear, precise markings on the tape, the exact depth of any level can readily be measured.

Due to the volatile nature of a hydrocarbon rich environment, Heron Instruments interface meters are CSA Certified Intrinsically Safe for Class 1, Gr, A & B and incorporates a grounding lead, making them the safest meters to use in Oil & Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries.

The Heron interface meters are available on our standard size frame and in a more compact version. Click here to find right interface meter for your needs.

h.oil water interface meter

H.OIL Oil/Water Interface Meter – The H.OIL oil, water interface meter is used to measure the interface level between two liquids in the same tank, vessel, well or aquifer. The dissimilar density of two liquids means the lower density, non-conductive product (LNAPL) will float on top of the higher density, conductive liquid (water). Denser products will tend to sink (DNAPL) read more…