Why to use Heron Instruments’ dipper-Tag for monitoring wells?

Posted: October 10, 2018
Category: Products
Tags: dipper-tag, drillers, economical, field sampling technician, water level meter, well contractor

Heron Instruments’ dipper-Tag Multi Purpose Tagline is the most economical tool in our water level meter family. The dipper-Tag water level meter can be used by drillers, well contractors, and field sampling technicians to:

  • determine the top of the water column
  • the bottom of the well
  • the top of a bentonite or backfill layer
  • or to lower other tools to a predetermined depth

The Kevlar reinforced polyethelene tape is available in either metric or engineering scale markings in one length, either 500′ or 150m.

The dipper-Tag, with its clear, easy to read markings will give you a much quicker and more accurate result than a typical coaxial tag-line. The stainless, chrome plated spring clip will allow you to lower a water quality bailer, a data logger or other downhole tools to a precise depth to ensure the accuracy of your sampling or testing results. 

Like our premium water level meters, the dipper-Tag sports the hands-free hanger, the tape guide for extended tape life as well as the ergonomically designed vinyl holding grip and winding handle. To further protect this device, a cloth carry bag is also included in the price!

Click HERE for more information and get a quote on a dipper-Tag Multi-Purpose Tagline today!


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