Why a 3/8″ Probe?

Posted: May 23, 2018
Category: Products
Tags: narrow, narrow openings, Piezometer, probe, water level meter, wells

Sometimes when you need to measure a water level, there is other equipment installed in the well getting in the way.  It could be a pump, pressure transducers or other water quality monitoring equipment.  Using a standard 5/8” probe is not practical.  A probe that size can get stuck between the equipment and the side of the well or can become tangled in any cables present in the standpipe.

Heron Instruments has a solution for this problem.  The 3/8” (9.525 mm) probe option, used for measuring water levels in narrow tubes and piezometers, can more easily navigate partially blocked stand pipes.  This 3/8” narrow probe has all the functionality of the full size 5/8” probe.  When in static mode, it indicates the top of the standing water to allow you to accurately determine the depth of water below the top of the casing or it can be set to drawdown mode to assist in establishing when the required amount of water has been pumped from the well and the probe is no longer submerged.  The probe is pressure rated up to 100m/300ft for 20 minutes.

Weights can be added to this probe to assist it in reaching the correct depth quickly and this 3/8” probe can be mounted on either the economical Kevlar reinforced white polyethylene tape or the more popular polyethylene jacketed, high tensile steel tape.  Either tape is available with markings in your choice, metric or engineering scale units.

This 3/8” probe option is available on the Heron Instruments dipper-T2, water tape2 and the little dipper2.   The 3/8” (9.525 mm) probe must be ordered at time of manufacturing.

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