Why a Heron Water Level Indicator?

dipper-t premium water level meter
Posted: May 13, 2019
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Heron Instruments has been manufacturing the dipper-T Water Level Meter for over 20 years now. Over the years, it has evolved to be able to measure static water levels, drawdown levels, steel well casing length, and total well depth all with the push of a button or simply by switching out the probe.

In this article I will go over the different features of the dipper-T, as well as some tips and tricks that you may not be aware of.

Removable Electronic Panel for Easy Maintenance/Repair

removable electronic panel

By simply unscrewing the two thumbscrews on the front of the panel, you are able to remove the panel if you wanted to thoroughly clean your unit after use. This is also handy if there is an issue with the electronic panel itself, you can easily swap out the electronic panel for a new one, which will get the unit back up and running with very little down-time.

Removable Battery Drawer

9V battery drawer

As with all batteries, the 9V battery that comes with your dipper-T will inevitably need to be changed eventually, which is why we’ve designed the battery drawer to be very easy to access, to allow field-technicians to be able to pop in a new battery when needed.

Test Point/Brake

water level meter calibration test

On the back side of the dipper-T there is a metal screw and metal pin, with these you are able to test your dipper-T before bringing it out into the field. To do this, you take the water level probe and touch the very tip to the metal pin, and simultaneously touch the probe body to the metal screw. This will cause the unit’s buzzer to sound, telling you that the unit is functioning properly.

water level meter brake

The brake is also located on the back side of the unit. The brake helps the user carefully guide their tape down the well, which will prevent the tape and probe from any damage caused by the probe “free-falling” down the well.

Probe Holder/Datum Point/Well Hanger

The probe holder on the dipper-T also doubles as a datum reference point when performing water level measurements. When you swivel the probe holder around, you will see an inverted triangle which indicates the top of the well casing. We also suggest that you always use the “tape guide” when winding and unwinding your tape to ensure you do not damage the tape on the side of your well’s casing.

water level meter hanger

The well hanger is very handy when out in the field performing measurements. When deploying the dipper-T, it lets you carefully guide your probe down the well. Also, it allows you to let the dipper-T hang from the side of the well while you are writing in your notebook.

Interchangeable Probes

The dipper-T standardly comes with the static/drawdown level probe included. To change from static level mode to drawdown level mode, you simply press the “CHANGE MODE” button on the electronic panel.change mode button

What is unique about the dipper-T model, is that you can quickly and easily unscrew the water level probe off and attach either the well casing indicator probe or the well depth indicator probe to measure those as well.

changeable probe additional probe options

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