Which Water Level Meter Works Best for Me?

Posted: October 29, 2018
Category: Products
Tags: falling water levels, groundwater monitoring, multi-function, static water levels, water level meter, well casing, well depth

A common question posed by our customers is “What is the difference between the dipper-T and the dipper-T2?  Which one would work best for my project?”

dipper-t-bagThe answer to that question would depend on the scope of your project and the data collection required.  Both the dipper-T and dipper-T2 are highly accurate water level meters.  They allow you to determine, with exceptional accuracy, the depth to water on your job site with both an audible signal and a visual LED signal.  They can both also be switched to drawDown mode, signaling the absence of water, enabling them to monitor drawdown levels during pump tests and slug tests.

Both of these premium tools use a polyethylene coated steel tape with lengths in either metric or engineering scale to meet your specific job requirements.

Other common elements are:

  • Removable electronic module for easy cleaning and servicing
  • Sensitivity switch
  • Hanger to allow for hands free deployment
  • Tape guide, to protect the tape from sharp casing edges
  • Link to prevent damage to the tape
  • Padded carry case

There is however, one huge difference.  The dipper-T, with a detachable probe, is a truly multi-functional instrument offering four function capability.

  • Static head level
  • Falling head level
  • Steel well casing
  • Full well depthdipper-t2 bag

The static water level sensing probe can be easily removed and replaced with either a “Well Casing Indicator Probe”, used to determine the length of casing in an existing well, or a “Well Depth Indicator Probe” used to establish the bottom of the well.  This four function versatility makes the Heron Instruments dipper-T Water Level Meter the optimal tool for use during the construction of new wells, the maintenance of existing wells, or the decommissioning of wells that are no longer productive or needed.

No matter the scope of your project, Heron Instruments can supply the optimum tool for the job!

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