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Posted: September 11, 2017
Category: Water
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On May 30 of this year, UN Environment launched a new freshwater strategy under the auspices of UN-Water.

Realizing the central role the freshwater ecosystem plays in the health of economies and societies worldwide and how crucial it is to tackle threats to the world’s freshwater resources, a new Freshwater Strategy 2017 – 2021 was initiated.

The United Nations will be working with countries to achieve the targets under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The priorities will be water quality, water resource management, protection and restoration of water-related ecosystems and responding to water-related conflict and disasters.

The UN will be supporting strategic projects which demonstrate what is possible and replicable.  An example of this is brokering dialogue on “community visioning” water usage in post-conflict South Sudan and trying to improve urban water supply in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In July of 2017, The UN called for monitoring and reporting on water and sanitation.  UNICEF released their report on the global estimates of “safely managed” drinking water and sanitation services that helped set the baseline estimates.  They found that 181 countries had achieved over 75% coverage with basic water services and only 71% of the global population using safely managed drinking water.

Salinity makes over 97% of available water unsuitable for human consumption, intensifying the impacts of drought, especially in areas with limited freshwater resources.  Water desalination and purification promises nearly unlimited water resources for civilization in coastal regions but the costs, both in terms of environmental impact and money, are prohibitive.  On August 22, 2017 a call was issued for proposals of technologies on water purification that will reduce these costs so we can minimize a drought’s impact and diversity the water supply.

The surface waters and oceans have not been overlooked in this initiative.  The conservation, restoration and sustainable use of these water bodies are addressed with several actions including establishing marine protected areas, sustainable management of fisheries, preventing and reducing marine pollution and stopping single use plastic bag usage.

The world is finally taking a serious look at water, realizing it is a resource vital to our survival, and taking steps to protect and supplement the supply.  Heron Instruments offers a variety of tools to assist you in the monitoring of your local water sources.  From Water Level Meters to determine groundwater levels, through temperature and conductivity meters to help determine water quality, Interface meters to establish hydrocarbon introduction to the water supply and dipperLogs to measure and record water levels over an extended period of time, we are pleased to help you meet your goals in the Freshwater Strategy.

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