The dipperLog NANO is a Low Cost Solution with Big Cost Features

Posted: April 21, 2014
Category: Water Level Monitoring

If you’re in need of a low cost solution for continuous monitoring of water levels and temperatures in wells, boreholes and even open bodies of water, you’ve come to the right place. The dipperLog NANO is just what you need, with a wide range of sampling intervals and pressure ranges to 400ft water head.

What do you get?


photo credit to ellenm1 under cc 2.0

You get a durable solution for long term monitoring of ground water levels that’s designed for ease-of-use and straightforward data downloads.

The NANO is like a compact car packed with luxury features. It includes:

  • Automatic elevation adjustment with short term static barometric compensation.
  • Long term automatic barometric compensation when used in conjunction with the Heron barLog.
  • Real time reading of water level and temperature.
  • Comprehensive data management system incorporated into the program.

Wide ranging applications


photo credit to J.P under cc 2.0

So what do you need to do?

1. Long term water level and temperature monitoring? NANO can do that.

2. Short term pump and slug testing? NANO can do that.

3. Wet land studies, tidal studies? NANO can do that.

The NANO lets the user choose measurement intervals from one second up to 255 hours.

How about the software?

The software we use is designed by programmers in-house at Heron Instruments. We have designed it with a gradual learning curve so it appeals to both beginners and experienced users. Any previous experience is a bonus, since even a new user can figure out the product straight away. To prove it, we’ve put together an online dipperLog NANO software demo, which you can find here.

We’re committed to improving our products. If there is something you think we can add or streamline in any of our products, contact us and let us know. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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