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Posted: November 17, 2017
Category: Groundwater
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If you live in an area that is not serviced by city water lines, you may encounter unique plumbing needs.  You must rely on your own infrastructure for a consistent water supply and maintaining that supply can often present unusual problems.

Many properties have their own well.  If you do own your well, you are also responsible for maintaining and monitoring it.  During a dry summer, wells can be overtaxed with the increased demand and run dry.  One way of monitoring this situation, is with regular water level measurements, made quick and easy with one of Heron Instruments’ water tape2.

water tape2

This inexpensive water level meter can be used to keep track of changing water table levels, as well as measuring your well’s recovery rate during pump tests to determine overall well performance.  If your well performance is less than optimum, it could be advisable to add a cistern to your system.

You may rely wholly on a cistern for your drinking water which can present its own variety of challenges.  Knowing your water level is imperative to avoid a sudden complete lack of water.  Heron Instruments offers a quick and easy solution to verify your water level.

Heron tapNtell

Our tap-n-tell can be mounted externally on your cistern, connected to a dipperLog Nano inside the cistern, and with a simple tap on the screen the level of the water in the cistern will be displayed.  The display can even be mounted in your home if you purchase a longer suspension cable.

If you have a large acreage with multiple wells and need to monitor water usage for your Permit to Take Water, we also have the tools to simplify and streamline your reporting.  Our dipperLog Nano is a groundwater data logger which can be permanently deployed in a well, programmed to take measurements at an interval of your choice and downloaded at your convenience.  With a memory capacity of 32,000 data points, this data logger is capable of recording many months of data before requiring download.  A single barLog can be deployed and used to compensate all the dipperLog Nano in the project for barometric pressure fluctuations.

These dipperLog Nano are also available in vented units, which do not require barometric compensation, and 4-20mA versions, which can be directly wired into your PLC. We also offer an SDI-12 interface so our dipperLog Nano can communicate with your SCADA datalogger.  Our intuitive and easy to use software quickly produces Excel Spreadsheets and graphs which can illustrate water level changes in your wells.


Our Conductivity Plus is an excellent tool to monitor your water quality.  A sudden increase in conductivity in indicative of contamination of your water which could lead to severe health issues.  Since this meter also measures water level and temperature, it can give you a very comprehensive overview of your water.

With our family of products we can keep you informed and up to date with your water data and help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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