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Posted: June 24, 2019
Category: Groundwater Products
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dipperLog SMART

Heron Instruments dipperLog SMART Remote Monitoring System delivers your groundwater data directly to you.  Requiring no cell or Wi-Fi coverage, this stand-alone system transfers real-time data when requested.  This makes geographically remote or hard to reach locations simple to manage and can result in significant time and/or money savings. There is no longer any need to go into the field to retrieve data!

dipper-Log SMART Node

Each sensor deployed is connected to a dedicated node.  Nodes are available for water detection, water depth and temperature, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, ORP or even remote controls for other equipment. The nodes will then establish their own mesh network over with they communicate with each other and transmit any data they collect to the gateway where it can be displayed on the dedicated tablet.  If so desired, an internet connection can be established on this tablet to allow data to be uploaded to the cloud to make your data viewable, using our web interface, anywhere in the world.



This example of the web established by the nodes shows how the data is transferred over the system and how a variety of routes can be utilized to reach the Gateway.  There is also a Repeater which can be used to fill any blank spot in the network where a loss of transmission is detected.  The nodes connect seamlessly with the each other, no matter the type of data being collected.  There can be an unlimited number of nodes per system.


dipperLog SMART Gateway

The Gateway uses an AC adaptor as a power source so is generally located close to a power outlet.  The outlet will also provide a power supply for the Bluetooth connected tablet.  This means it is usually located close to an internet connection.  This facilitates the connected tablet to upload the incoming data stream to the web for display and remote access.  Anyone with the correct password can log into the web portal and view the latest collected data.

For security reasons, this data stream can be encrypted if requested at time of purchase.

dipperLog SMART Dashboard

The tablet connected via bluetooth to the Gateway will display information relating to the nodes in your system.

The MAP tab will provide a google map with your node locations flagged.

The CFG tab displays the current settings of the system and allows you to make any changes you deem necessary.

The NODES tab in the center of your screen will provide you with a listing of all sensors in your system, grouped by type.  Clicking on any individual node will bring up a view of the current values being measured by the sensor.


way the sensor readings are displayed varies by the type of readings being taken.

This is an example of a Water Level (TD) node.

The water head and temperature are both indicated in the top gauge.  These values are displayed both on a gauge and in a digital format.

The lower gauge displays the current air temperature and barometric pressure.


Below these gauges you can see additional settings for this node including alarm set points.

If you are using a water detection node the screen will indicate a positive or negative reading only.


If you establish an internet connection with the tablet, data can be uploaded to the web and then viewed from anywhere on the dipperLog SMART app. Simply sign in to your account to view a listing of your sensors. You can also opt to download the data or view the details from this location.

Selecting the detail option will bring up a screen with the current status of the node, the current pressure and temperature measurement and any alarm limits indicated in red.

Since the node has a built in barometer, all transmitted data has previously been correctly for any environmental pressure changes.

You also have the functionality at this location to alter any settings currently being incorporated in the monitoring and data transmission.




With a Smartphone and web connection this can all be accomplished on the run giving you the ability to check on your project from anywhere, and at anytime.

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