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Posted: June 16, 2016
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The dipper-Tag is an economical unit that is primarily used for installing and monitoring wells. The dipper-Tag doesn’t have as many features as some of our other units, but the features it does have makes it a very cost effective unit. 

The 316 grade stainless steel weight (750g) that comes with the dipper-Tag can be used for measuring many things: the bottom of a well, the depth to the top of a bentonite layer or backfill sand.

The spring release clip allows for the user to swap out the weight for other available accessories.


Stainless Steel Plopper

  • ploppers and weights

    L: 1 1/2″ s/s plopper
    M: Weight (750g)
    R: Spring Release Clip

    plopper allows for users to acoustically measure static water levels

  • available in one size (1 1/2″)




  • users can attach a Heron dipperLog to the spring clip to measure water levels and temperatures for short term analysis dipperLog






The dipper-Tag can also be used with third party accessories (i.e bailers for water sampling)


  • white polyethylene tape, reinforced with Kevlar – markings in metric (mm) or engineering scale (1/100′)
  • heat stamped with with black and red markings to ensure legibility
  • 150m or 500′ (ONLY)
  • most other tag-lines on the market come standard with black coaxial cord or tape which are often difficult to read

The dipper-Tag will greatly assist people who work with wells and boreholes on an everyday basis. The simplicity of the unit, makes it very user friendly and effective for getting the job done. Well drillers and hydrogeologists can cut down time on the job-site using the all new dipper-Tag. 

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