National Clean Up Day 2017

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Posted: September 16, 2017
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Clean up the World was a campaign that began in Australia in 1990 and was launched globally in 1993 with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme.  For 25 years it has been a day of action where community groups around the globe help protect and care for the environment.

In conjunction with this initiative Saturday, September 16 has been designated National Clean Up Day in North America.  From coast to coast, organization and individuals join forces to clean up our open spaces.  There are organized events by Clean Trails to encourage hikers and bikers pick up litter in parks and along trails.  Ocean Conservancy is mobilizing “The International Coastal Cleanup” to prevent plastics and other garbage from entering the water by removing them from beaches and waterfronts.

clean trails

“Clean Up the World” is meant to empower people to take actions every day to keep our environment clean and to engage everyone in finding solutions to trash issues.  It can be as simple as going for a walk with a friend and picking up litter along the way.

Maintaining the beauty of our natural environment is a cause which should appeal to everyone.  An action as simple as not taking a straw for your drink or using a wooden stick to stir your coffee instead of a plastic one can have a huge impact on the amount of plastic garbage to be dealt with.  Try to use storage containers that are reusable instead of plastic wrap.

This year, in the wake of the terrible hurricanes that have hit the Southern and Eastern seaboards of the USA and also caused extreme devastation in the Caribbean and Mexico, cleaning up the accumulated debris is even more imperative to reduce the risk of pollutants entering our oceans, lakes and rivers.  This debris not only represents a hazard to our environment but to the health of the local citizenry as well.

This “Clean Up the World” weekend will be celebrated by upwards of 35 million volunteers from 130 countries.  It is one of the largest community based environmental campaigns in the word.

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