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Posted: June 27, 2016
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Same compact size, more versatility!

The little dipper with drawDown is a multi-functional unit that is able to measure both static and falling head levels. The separating factor that allows the little dipper to be so effective is its compact size for for ease of portability. After feedback from our customers, Heron Instruments has added NEW tape lengths to the little dipper product line making it even more versatile!

  • 15m or 50′ NEW
  • 22m or 75′
  • 30m or 100′ NEW

Even MORE Cost Effective

Adding the shorter tape length allows for an even more cost effective method of measurement for users looking for a lightweight water level meter to measure shallow wells or boreholes.

Looking to go DEEPER?

Adding the longer tape length will give the same portability of a little dipper, while enabling the user to measure depths they normally could not with the standard little dipper tape length.Heron little dipper

All tape length options on the little dipper comes standard with our drawDown feature, which is great for pump testing and measuring falling head levels during purging. The drawDown feature can also help to protect your pumps from damage caused by dry running.

When looking for a compact and effective water level meter for shallow water levels, the little dipper is without a question the most lightweight and user friendly unit in our line of quality water level meters.

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