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dipper-T with drawDown
Posted: May 13, 2016
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Heron Instruments is proud to unveil our NEW Youtube Channel! This channel is full of information regarding our groundwater monitoring instruments, including: Heron Product Videos and Troubleshooting and How To. These videos will be linked with each of the products under the Products tab on our website and troubleshooting videos will be located in our FAQ link under the Contact tab.

In the Heron Product Videos playlist, viewers will learn how to correctly use our groundwater monitoring instruments. These videos outline all of the functions and versatility of the units as well as show the advantages of using a Heron meter.

dipper-T Optional Well Depth Indicator Probe

In the Troubleshooting and How To playlist, you will find videos on how to properly test and install probes. You can also learn how to correctly replace links and probes on both our Water Level Meters and Interface Meters.

Testing dipper-T probe

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