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Posted: May 24, 2016
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Heron Instruments is excited to announce that we will be participating in the IFAT trade show this year in Munich, Germany! Heron Instruments staff will be located at our booth # 105/204 in the Canadian Pavilion, in Hall A-4.

IFAT (International Federation for Alternative Trade) is the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management. Visitors will find plans and strategies for using resources more efficiently to ensure prolonging the life of non-renewable resources worldwide.


Heron staff will be flying out of Toronto, Canada to Munich, Germany on May 27th 2016. We are very excited to meet new contacts at the trade show with the goal to expand our international business connections even further.

Heron @ IFAT

At IFAT, Heron Instruments will be displaying our various groundwater monitoring equipment, as well, our innovative NEW products that will be available in the near future! These include: The dipper-See Borehole Inspection Camera, dipperLog Conductivity, and Level-Wind tape guide.

dipper-See Borehole Inspection Camera

The Heron dipper-See is an affordable, high quality borehole inspection camera. The dipper-See is ideal for viewing in open bodies of water, wells, drains, sewers, boreholes and narrow tubes for depths up to 350m/1200ft. Attached to the unit’s frame, a versatile positioning arm allows the High-Definition display screen to be viewed at different angles. 


The Heron Level-Wind is a custom-machined solution for saving time on the job site. Working similarly to the way a fishing reel works, the Level-Wind automatically winds the tape back onto the unit after use, in a neat and organized fashion. The Level-Wind is an exclusive accessory for Heron products that will make our water level meters even more user-friendly.

Reasons to Attend

IFAT is second to none in the sense that it is held in a 230,000 square meter facility, consisting of 135,000 visitors from 160+ countries. Exhibiting at IFAT are 3000+ exhibitors from 59 countries, which contain several global players in the water industry. The exhibitors range anywhere from smaller-more specialized companies, to global environmental companies.


Map of IFAT: Trade-fair-venue

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