How to Choose a Quality Groundwater Monitoring Instrument

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Posted: March 6, 2014
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Scientists, geologists and consultants involved in applications such as water quality measurement, stormwater control, water resource remediation and well assessments depend on high quality, accurate monitoring instruments for their work. Without consistent results in the field, they would be unable to perform the detailed analyses used to direct limited company, government or individual resources to their most effective use. Furthermore, these professionals need affordable instruments that perform flawlessly under adverse field conditions.

What to Look For in Groundwater Instruments

Water monitoring professionals know they have choices when selecting instruments for their work. They seek instruments that are easy to use and durable. When comparing groundwater instrumentation they must also keep other factors in mind:

  • Range of products – Does the manufacturer offer end-to-end solutions that include transducers, transmitters, monitors, software, configurable options and spare parts?
  • Range of budget – Are there product offerings that fit the budget?
  • Experience – Are products field-tested by experienced technicians who are familiar with the situations that monitoring professionals deal with daily?
  • Quality – Are the company’s products built and serviced with a commitment to quality at every step of the product lifecycle?
  • Warranty – Does the company offer comprehensive product warranties?
  • Global Reach – Is the company recognized as a leader in world markets?

In all these respects, Heron Instruments Groundwater Monitoring Inc. excels. With decades of industry and field experience, they have earned a reputation for building quality instruments that are dependable, rugged and of the highest accuracy. Their precision instruments will match any groundwater measurement application and fit any budget. All of their products are backed by the best warranties and the highest service level in the industry.

Product and Budget Range

Heron Instruments products are used daily in applications such as water resource management, remediation, groundwater measurements and construction. Our dipperLog Groundwater Monitoring System is the first choice of field professionals for monitoring and recording water levels and temperatures for long periods of time in wells and boreholes. Our dipper-T and Water Tape products are portable instruments suitable for groundwater level measurements that are shorter term or intermittent.


Heron Instruments’ staff has combined experience of over 40 years in designing and building precision monitoring instruments. Additionally, we have real-world field experience in groundwater measurement applications. All instruments are personally field tested by our team, so we personally understand the professional’s need for quality, accuracy and dependability.

Global Reach

Heron Instruments products are used across five continents. Their reputation for accuracy and ruggedness is why you can find Heron groundwater instruments in any part of the world. Data collected from users of their products is fed back into the product lifecycle to ensure their instruments remain the “best of breed” across the globe.

Warranty and Service

Besides offering the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, Heron Instruments strives to enhance each of our products with materials, designs and manufacturing techniques that result in the longest uptime in the field and the fewest service needs. Water monitoring professionals everywhere can perform their work knowing that Heron’s commitment to reliability eliminates unexpected instrument failure.

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From water level indicators to groundwater data loggers and more, Heron Instruments has monitoring instruments to fit any budget and application. Contact us to discuss your water monitoring needs today.

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