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Posted: April 10, 2018
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Water Level Meters are only as accurate and reliable as the tapes they employ.  For that reason, Heron Instruments is always striving to ensure that the highest quality tapes are installed on their meters.

All our tapes incorporate braided 7 strand conductors (4 stainless steel and 3 copper) to further strengthen the tape and prevent it from stretching.  The presence of at least 3 conductors also makes it possible to ground all our tapes and probes, not just the reel.   All tapes are available in either metric scale or imperial engineering scale.  On the jacketed tapes the markings are on an ASME certified stainless steel core, so they are completely protected from fading or rubbing off.  This construction also allows the jacketed tapes to have a 280 lb load-bearing capacity.  The non-jacketed tapes are reinforced with Kevlar strands to prevent stretching and also increase their load-bearing capacity.

How can anyone be sure to select the best option for their project? To help with the decision, let’s take a closer look at the various options and benefits each has to offer.

Kynar jacketed, high tensile steel tape:

This is the hardiest and most resilient of our tapes.  It is impervious to high heat and most chemical degradation.  The Kynar coating, a fluoropolymer, is highly non-reactive making It ideal for use in landfills, remediation sites and chemical manufacturing facilities to name a few.  The high tensile steel core is clearly marked at 1 mm on the metric tapes and 1/100th inch on the imperial tapes.  This tape is used on the dipper-Tough, our harsh environment water level meter, our 110° temperature meter and our CSA certified “zone 0” intrinsically safe interface meters.  Heron Instruments is one of the very few manufacturers using this high quality of tape in their manufacturing process.


Polyethylene jacketed, high tensile steel tape:

This is our most popular tape and the tape of choice for our Dipper-T water level meter.  It is extremely tough, resists cuts and breaks and is stretch resistant.  With its 7 strand conductor wires (4 stainless steel & 3 copper) it always indicates a reliable signal, both audible and visual, for highly accurate readings.  This tape is also used in the 80° temperature meter, the little dipper and the Conductivity Plus.  To make determining the measurements easier, major units are indicated in red, smaller units are numbered with the smallest units still Indicated with a mark.


Kevlar reinforced white Polyethylene tape:

Our most economical tape for use in potable water sources or water where contamination is not a concern.  Markings are clear and easy to read.  Metric tapes, as shown below, indicate millimeters, centimeters are numbered and meters indicated in red ink for a quick accurate measurement.  Similar markings and gradients are on the imperial engineering scale tapes.  With the internal Kevlar strands to prevent stretching, this is the tape chosen for use in our Water Tape, Water Tape 2 and Tag Line.

white polyethylene

No matter the application, Heron Instruments can provide the optimum meter for the job.

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