Heron Instruments’ Water Level Meter Donation

Water for Life Water Tape
Posted: September 14, 2016
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At Heron Instruments we love seeing our customers using our products in the field. But we especially love to see the water level meters we have donated to people, using them for a good cause!

We have received some pictures from from Gary Bartholomew at ‘Water for Life International’ of a Water Tape being put to good use in Guatemala. Water for Life International is in their 11th year of drilling water wells in remote villages in South America.

Donated Water Tape

Heron Instruments Water Tape being used by Water For Life’s John Hansen in Guatemala

“Our “sounder” that we currently use is two wires that we attach an ohmeter to when we suspect we may be into water – very clumsy to say the least.”

Needless to say they were in need of a quality Heron Water Level Meter to give them much more precise and accurate measurements.

Water For Life Water Tape

Water For Life is a great cause and Heron Instruments is proud to be a part of their missions! Thank you again for the pictures!

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