Heron Instruments Named Official Groundwater Protector for NGWA’s National Groundwater Awareness Week

Posted: March 11, 2019
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#GWAW Highlights Protection of the Resource; Encourages Public Participation

Heron Instruments Inc officially earned the distinction of groundwater protector during the National Ground Water Association’s (NGWA) 20th anniversary of National Groundwater Awareness Week (#GWAW). Taking place March 10-16, #GWAW is an annual observance established to highlight the responsible development, management, and use of groundwater. The event is also a platform to encourage yearly water well testing and well maintenance.

We, at Heron will be doing our part by:

  • Not using excess salt to clear walkways in winter
  • Maintaining our septic system and have it serviced regularly
  • Contacting local authorities to dispose of substances accordingly
  • Not over applying pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers


This year’s theme, Think, was designed to urge each of us to consider various ways we can protect our most valuable natural resource. So Think about not running the water while you brush your teeth. Or Think about getting that leaking faucet fixed. Think about the farmers that rely on groundwater to grow the food we eat. And Think about having your well inspected to protect your drinking water system. In short, during #GWAW, Think about our future.  

Get Involved

#GWAW, NGWA encourages everyone to become official “groundwater protectors” by taking steps to conserve and protect the resource. Businesses, individuals, educators, students, federal agencies, cities, associations, and everyone in between can ask to be added to NGWA’s groundwater protector list through its website or on social media. Have an awesome story to tell? Great! Send it to NGWA and they might highlight your efforts.



On NGWA’s #GWAW site, groundwater protectors will find a toolkit with downloadable and shareable materials to spread the word. These materials include:

  • Suggested social media posts (just copy and share!)
  • List of facts about groundwater
  • Logos and graphics including email header, social media images, printable groundwater protector icon, and more
  • Press release to share with local media or government officials


Approximately 132 million Americans rely on groundwater for drinking water. It is used for irrigation, livestock, manufacturing, mining, thermoelectric power, and several additional purposes, making it one of the most widely used and valuable natural resources we have. Consider the following facts:

  • Americans use 6 billion gallons of groundwater each day.
  • Groundwater is 20 to 30 times larger than all U.S. lakes, streams, and rivers combined.
  • 44 percent of the U.S. population depends on groundwater for its drinking water supply.
  • More than 2 million households have their own well, representing 34 million people.

Please visit www.ngwa.org/gwaw2019 for more!

The National Ground Water Association is a not-for-profit professional society and trade association for the global groundwater industry. Our members around the world include leading public and private sector groundwater scientists, engineers, water well system professionals, manufacturers, and suppliers of groundwater-related products and services. The Association’s vision is to be the leading groundwater association advocating for responsible development, management, and use of water.

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