Heron Helps Bring Water Where It’s Needed

Posted: April 13, 2015
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Water is Life

Water is life, but there are many places in the world where clean water isn’t readily accessible. Water Missions International is an NGO working to provide access to potable water in rural communities across the world.

In the summer of 2014, Water Missions contacted Heron Instruments for a quote on a handful of dipper-T water level meters to use in well building projects across the Great Rift Valley in Kenya and beyond. Water Missions chose the dipper-T with drawDown because, in the words of Chris Bryan, Project Engineer at Water Missions, it’s a feature rich instrument with a rugged design at a reasonable cost.



It was the right cause to get behind, so Heron provided all the water level meters Water Missions International needed at a significant discount.

At Work in the Field



In East Africa, where Water Missions works, there are a lot of old, non-functioning water wells. When the NGO visits a community to assess water needs and available sources, it uses water level meters to determine the basic physical characteristics of the well, like depth to water and total borehole depth.

Once a promising borehole is identified, it will conduct a pumping test to find out the yield of the borehole. The water level meter allows Water Missions to obtain continuous level readings or set a warning indicator for a predetermined depth that it does not want the water level to go below during the pump test.

In September 2014, parents and children in the Mount Paka community enjoyed the first taste of flowing water that will continue to nourish families for generations. The money saved on Heron’s dipper-T’s can be used to improve access to water in a handful of other projects across the Rift Valley. The Water missions won’t have to replace the new water level meters for a long, long time.

How the dipper-T Held Up

“The water level meters have worked great so far,” Bryan says, “They get a lot of use in tough conditions and have held up well. A single probe was damaged after it was caught on an obstruction in a borehole. Heron Instruments was responsive and helpful in sending us the replacement part we needed.”

We’re glad to see our products making an impact in places where access to clean, healthy water is not a given.


Congratulations to the Pokot people and Water Missions International on a successful, community-changing project in Mt. Paka. We’re glad we could play a small part in this amazing achievement.

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