Heron dipper-Temp 80 vs dipper-Temp 110

Posted: April 12, 2018
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Heron dipper-Temp is an excellent choice when looking for an accurate water level meter which will also measure temperature.  Both models incorporate our jacketed, high-tensile, ASME certified, steel tape, marked in either metric or imperial engineering units and are equipped with all our premium water level meter features.  The built in hanger and tape guide which combine to allow for hands free use while still protecting the tape from damage.  The padded carry case to protect your precision meter when not in use and the field        replaceable, fully pressure rated probe.

The temperature is displayed in degrees Celsius on a highly visible, high contrast, digital LCD display which is easily removable for cleaning or servicing.  We have two models available, the dipper-Temp 80 with an operating temperature of 0° to 80°C and the premium dipper-Temp 110 with an operating range of 0° to 110°C.

Temperature profiling of wells, standpipes or other bodies of water has taken on an increased importance in the last few years.  As geothermal heating and cooling becomes more commonplace, hydraulic fracturing becomes more widespread and global warming is increasingly in the spotlight, groundwater profiles are more in demand.  These profiles can help to characterize flow dynamics, highlight surface/groundwater interactions and identify areas of contamination.

When creating well profiles in clean, fresh water the dipper-Temp 80 is the ideal tool.  It will accurately measure your temperature up to 80°C and the water level is clearly indicated on the polyethylene jacketed tape.  The temperature probe is fully pressure rated to the length of the tape and will provide an excellent profile.

The dipper-Temp 110 is designed for use in harsher environments.  The Kevlar jacketed tape is resistant to solvents, hydrocarbons and other harsh contaminants making it the perfect tool for use in industrial sites or landfills.  This meter can pinpoint areas of increased chemical interaction quickly and efficiently. This tape is also more resilient to temperature, withstanding environments up to 110°C.

Either model would be an excellent additional to your tool kit, providing years of accurate, reliable data for your projects.  The only deciding factor need be the environments to which the meter will be exposed.

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