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Heron H.OIL Interface Meter
Posted: March 6, 2018
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Interface meters are specialized water level meters designed to measure the depth and level of anhydrous phase fluids, both dense and light, as well as water.  The two principles used to determine these measurement are the light deflection caused by the fluids and the conductivity of water.

When the probe touches the top of any liquid layer the infrared ray deflects, the meter emits a solid tone and the light gives a visual signal.  If the liquid is conductive, as water is, the tone and light signal will both be intermittent. As you continue to lower the probe, if it once again reaches a non-conductive layer it will return to giving solid signals.

The H.OIL is extremely useful for determining the depth of any hydrocarbon or free product layer floating on top of your water or underneath your water. Either the Sm.OIL or H.OIL can be deployed in any vessel or tank, well or large body of water.  With the clear, precise markings on the tape, the exact depth of any level can readily by measured. Tapes are available in both metric scale and engineering scale markings in a variety of lengths. Due to the volatile nature of a hydrocarbon rich environment, Heron Instruments Interface Meters are CSA certified intrinsically safe to Class 1, Gr, A & B, and incorporate a grounding plug, making them the safest meters available.

As with any quality precision instrument, the care and maintenance with which you treat your H.Oil will ensure many years of service.  

third hand - datum pointHeron Instruments equips all their water meters with a hanger (1) which, when used properly, will protect the tapes from becoming damaged or cut on any sharp edges of the casing. This hanger also incorporates a roller (2) for ease of deployment and an indicator (3) to assure consistency in the measurements.   Care should also be taken to avoid tangling your tape with other cables or equipment which may be present in your monitoring location.

After each use it is imperative that the tape and probe be thoroughly cleaned.  We recommend the use of a biodegradable cleaner and degreaser that is non-abrasive and does not contain alcohol.  Most household dishwashing liquids make a good choice. Neatly rewind the tape once cleaned so it is ready for the next time it is called upon to detect free product in your water supply.

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