Fountain of Youth Located!

Posted: August 25, 2017
Category: Well Development
Tags: fountain, groundwater, southern ontario, water, well, youth

At Heron Instruments, we encourage our employees to participate in healthy recreational activities in their off hours.  An excellent example of this policy is David Mackie, an Industrial Designer from our Research and Development department.  David is an avid triathlete, successfully competing in events at both the local and international level.

This past weekend, while on a training ride with friends, David and his companions made a startling discovery; they had located the Fountain of Youth!!

This long sought after water source had finally been located tucked away on a quiet winding back road in Southern Ontario, many miles away from Florida where Ponce de Leon had spent so many years searching for it.  They had stumbled on the location quite by chance but could not resist the urge to take a closer look.

fountain of youth

What they had found was a crisp, clear, cold water source bubbling up unaided from below ground, an artesian well.  An Artesian Well is a well that taps into a confined aquifer that contains groundwater under positive pressure. This pressure causes the water level to rise above the top of the aquifer and sometimes, if the pressure is sufficient, above ground surface without any external influence or pumping required.

Since this water had not been treated at all, it would provide an excellent source of minerals,  but the suitability for human consumption was in doubt.  It had not been tested.

Disheartened by their inability to try the water, but still excited for their find, our intrepid explorers continued on their way keeping an eye out for more hidden gems and treasures.

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