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Posted: July 6, 2016
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Concluding the Canadian Ground Water Conference & Expo hosted by the OGWA, Heron Instruments representatives reported that it was a very successful weekend.

The weekend kicked-off at the beautiful Whirlpool Golf Course in NIagara course After a long and surprisingly cool day on the course, there was an excellent networking dinner which included great food and many prizes.

Heron Instruments is excited to announce that Greg Smith of Pontil Drilling Ltd. selected the Heron dipper-T  water level meter as the very first prize picked that night! Congratulations to Greg on winning the “men’s longest drive.”

There were many giveaways that evening, including some skills competition prizes. We are proud to report that Marci Waselynchuk (Controller) of Heron Instruments, won for the “women’s longest drive” and came home with a brand new golf club!

IMG_4206 (Medium)

L: Mike Hare (Heron Instruments) M: Greg Smith (Pontil Drilling Ltd.) R: Marci Waselynchuk (Heron Instruments)

Heron Instruments is NOW on the Board of Directors

It was an exciting weekend for Mike Hare (Sales Manager) of Heron Instruments, as he was inducted onto the OGWA’s Board of Directors!

As a member of the BOD, Mike, along with many other ground water professionals, will be volunteering to protect Ontario’s most precious resource: ground water. The purpose of the OGWA is to provide guidance to other members, government representatives, as well as the public, in hopes of protecting and managing ground water resources across Ontario.

On behalf of Heron Instruments, we would like to thank the OGWA for being such a good host for an awesome event! Heron Instruments is also looking forward to being represented by Mike as a member of the Board of Directors! googleplus-2 instagram linkedin

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