dipperLog FREE Antifouling Screen

free antifouling screen
Posted: August 23, 2016
Category: Products Water Level Monitoring
Tags: antifouling, biofouling, data logger, dipperLog, free, heron, longevity, reliability

The Heron Instruments dipperLog comes with a FREE antifouling screen. Although sometimes misconceived, the antifouling screen is not simply a piece of the unit’s packaging, it does have a function.

The antifouling screen helps to prevent build up of any aquatic life that may become present in the data-logging region. For example there are some bodies of water where algae will naturally grow on the data logger, potentially forcing the data logger to give false readings. This happens because groundwater data loggers often run into biofouling on the transducer, especially in areas with growth of algae, plants, and other organisms that grow in water.

The antifouling screen lessens the need for maintenance of the dipperLog and lengthens the amount of time the dipperLog can be sent on a mission. It also ensures quality and reliability of the Heron dipperLog over the span of it’s lifetime.

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