Posted: August 23, 2017
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Groundwater monitoring at landfills is now a government requirement.  Monitoring wells must be installed and water is to be measured and tested on a regular basis.  This is a project which presents a number of unique problems. Unless you have a Heron dipper-Tough on hand!!

One of the major drawbacks to these types of projects is the need to constantly replace the equipment used in this monitoring.  The harsh chemicals and other pollutants found in these types of environments makes short life of any instrumentation used.  We heard youHeron Instruments has developed the dipper-Tough to help resolve your issues.

The dipper-Tough boasts a Kynar jacketed, high tensile steel core tape which is extremely resistant to measuring in harsh environments.  The tape is embedded directly into the fully pressure rated 5/8” probe to allow for longer life and increased resistance to chemical attack.  The electronic panel is removable for easy cleaning and servicing.  The tape guide and hanger mounted on the frame further protects your tape and probe from damage on the sharp edges of the well casing.

gas well

The dipper-Tough will accurately measure the static water level in your harsh environment monitoring wells. With the drawdown feature standard on this instrument, it is also ideal for monitoring water levels during pump and treat testing.  The dipper-Tough comes equipped with both a visible and audible signal to ensure the accuracy of your measurements in noisy environments.

With the dipper-Tough’s chemical resistance, afforded by the dipper-Tough’s construction and materials, this water level meter can also be used at contaminated locations such as remediation sites, chemical plants or oil and gas installations.  It is able to withstand high temperatures which may be encountered in these environments, presenting problems for other water level meters on the market.

As with all Heron meters, the dipper-Tough comes complete with a molded vinyl ergonomic handle, a large winding handle for gloved hands, and a padded carry case for ease of transportation and storage.

If you are facing a monitoring project in a potentially harsh or toxic environment, the dipper-Tough is the obvious choice to ensure accurate results for longer than ever before!

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