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Posted: February 8, 2018
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You may have noticed the CSA sticker on our H.OIL and sm.OIL Interface meters.  Have you ever wondered what that signified?

CSA International, formerly the Canadian Standards Association, has developed standards which a product must meet or exceed to earn the CSA certification.  Many of these standards relate to safety, but they also cover other things like important aspects of performance.

csaThe CSA mark, while not a guarantee of safety, lets the consumer know that the product has been rigorously tested under a formal process and it meets the safety and/or performance requirements of the applicable standards.  The CSA designation is recognized in Canada, USA and around the world as an increased assurance of quality and safety.

H.OIL and sm.OIL Interface meters are frequently employed in hazardous areas where there is a risk of combustion.  Minimizing this risk is the goal of the Intrinsically Safe certification.

Heron Sm.OIL Interface MeterHeron H.OIL Interface Meter

A fire needs fuel, oxygen and an ignition source.  Interface meters are typically employed in areas containing both fuel and oxygen where preventing fire and explosions is a top priority.  Intrinsic safety is a protection technique for the safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.  It limits the energy available for ignition by preventing sparks and keeping temperatures low.

Examples of the benefits of using Intrinsically Safe instrumentation in hazardous environments are:

  • Ensuring a safe work environment
  • Protecting workers nearby from explosion risks
  • Avoiding the cost of explosion proof enclosures
  • No need to shut down production to perform testing
  • Lower insurance premiums

Heron Instruments tests all components of their interface meters so they can be Certified – Intrinsically safe to CSA and ANSI/UL standards, class 9098-1 or 9098-81 (USA) for hazardous locations and Class I groups A,B,C and D.  The testing includes grounding, spark ignition, battery overheating and a drop test.

When your project incorporates testing for free product in your water, Heron Instruments Interface Meters are the safest and most logical choice for the task at hand.  Available in a variety of lengths, the hydrocarbon resistant Kynar coated metal tape always gives an accurate measurement.  This tape features a high break strength, stretch resistance, lifelong legibility and is available in either metric or imperial engineering scales.  The fully pressure rated, field replaceable probe is sensitive enough to indicate and measure a product layer as thin as 1mm or 1/200th foot.

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