Following the OGWA Trade Show

Posted: July 6, 2016
Category: Heron News
Tags: dipper-t, drilling, groundwater, ogwa, water level meter

Concluding the Canadian Ground Water Conference & Expo hosted by the OGWA, Heron Instruments representatives reported that it was a very successful weekend. The weekend kicked-off at the beautiful Whirlpool Golf Course in NIagara Falls. After a long and surprisingly cool day on the course, there was an excellent networking dinner which included great food and […]

Canadian Ground Water Conference & Expo 2016

Canadian Groundwater Conference & Expo
Posted: June 7, 2016
Category: Heron News
Tags: borehole inspection camera, conductivity, dipper-see, expo, golf tournament, heron instruments, level wind, niagara falls, ogwa, trade show

From June 8th – 11th in Niagara Falls, Canada, Heron Instruments will be participating in the Canadian Ground Water Conference & Expo presented by the Ontario Ground Water Association. Heron Instruments‘ staff will be attending all networking events included at the Scotia Bank Convention Centre. Sponsorship We are proud to announce that the official sponsor of […]

IFAT Munich/What’s New

Posted: May 24, 2016
Category: Heron News Products
Tags: borehole inspection camera, conductivity, dipperLog, germany, ifat, level wind, munich, sewage, tradeshow, wastewater, water, water level meter

Heron Instruments is excited to announce that we will be participating in the IFAT trade show this year in Munich, Germany! Heron Instruments staff will be located at our booth # 105/204 in the Canadian Pavilion, in Hall A-4. IFAT (International Federation for Alternative Trade) is the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials […]

WaterTAP & Heron Instruments

Posted: May 6, 2016
Category: Heron News Water Level Monitoring
Tags: innovation, water, WaterTAP

                Today, WaterTAP (Technology Acceleration Project) was at Heron Instruments to take pictures of Heron staffers at work! Nick Spector, the photographer for WaterTAP visited to gather images from the water sector to showcase ‘water innovation in action.’ We at Heron are very proud to say that WaterTAP […]

Heron Helps Bring Water Where It’s Needed

Posted: April 13, 2015
Category: Groundwater Heron News
Tags: water level measurement, well water

Water is Life Water is life, but there are many places in the world where clean water isn’t readily accessible. Water Missions International is an NGO working to provide access to potable water in rural communities across the world. In the summer of 2014, Water Missions contacted Heron Instruments for a quote on a handful […]

National Groundwater Awareness Week!

About Heron
Posted: March 9, 2015
Category: Groundwater Heron News
Tags: groundwater awareness week

It’s here! National Groundwater Awareness Week has arrived. From March 8-14, Heron is joining hundreds of other businesses in the promotion and protection of clean groundwater around the world. Getting us started is a great piece of writing from Kevin McCray, Executive Director of the National Groundwater Association. If you’re one of our readers in […]

Multiple Sclerosis Impacts Thousands of Canadians and Their Families Every year, but hope for a cure is getting closer. You can help by participating in the annual MS walk

Posted: April 30, 2014
Category: Heron News

Every Canadian has heard of multiple sclerosis; many have family members or friends living with MS on a daily basis. While most Canadians know that it can be a very debilitating disease, less of us have a full understanding of just how widespread it is within our borders, with three more people in Canada diagnosed […]

How to Choose a Quality Groundwater Monitoring Instrument

Heron Instruments, Dundas Ontario
Posted: March 6, 2014
Category: Heron News

Scientists, geologists and consultants involved in applications such as water quality measurement, stormwater control, water resource remediation and well assessments depend on high quality, accurate monitoring instruments for their work. Without consistent results in the field, they would be unable to perform the detailed analyses used to direct limited company, government or individual resources to […]

Why Stretch Proof Water Tape Does Not Exist

Heron yellow tape - metric
Posted: March 5, 2014
Category: Heron News

To the nonprofessional, measuring groundwater levels may seem to be a process that does not require precise measurement. If you are not a groundwater technician and only want to know if there is water in your well, this may be the case. Ground-water Measurements to Fractions of an Inch Many ground-water investigations, however, require extreme […]

Can You Really Achieve Absolute Measurement?

water testing
Posted: March 5, 2014
Category: Heron News

The phrase “absolute accuracy” as applied to any measurement might seem to imply that measurements can be taken that are the “real or true value,” unquestioned and indubitable. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an absolutely accurate measurement even with the finest instruments that man can make. The accuracy of any measurement must always […]

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