Boating Safety

boat safety
Posted: May 15, 2017
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Boating Safety

Now that spring has sprung and the weather has finally warmed up, it is time to get the boat out of storage and once again take to the water.  No matter the size or capacity of the vessel, boating safety should always be a priority and taken very seriously.

Be Alcohol Aware

  • It is just as illegal to drink and boat, as it is to drink and drive
  • In over 40% of recreational boating fatalities alcohol is a factor
  • There is no safe way to mix alcohol and drugs with boating

Be Weather Aware

  • Check the local weather and water conditions.
  • Be aware of any hazards that may affect your trip
  • Keep an eye on the sky for any unexpected incoming weather

Be Safety Conscious – Things to Keep on Board

  • appropriately sized flotation devices for each passenger
  • heaving line at least 15 meters long
  • watertight flashlight
  • sound signally device
  • anchor with at least 15 meters of chain or a paddle
  • bailer or water pump
  • fire extinguisher

Be Emergency Ready

  • Always carry a first aid kit
  • Have a supply of drinking water
  • Be sun safe with sun-screen, hat and sunglasses
  • Have snacks on hand

boating safety fun

Boating is a fun family activity and many enjoyable times can be had on the open water.  Whether tubing, wake-boarding, water-skiing, fishing or just relaxing and taking in the scenery, family members of all ages can participate.  If everyone keeps safety in mind, all will return at the end of the day with nothing more than good memories that will last a lifetime.

boating safety


Remember, Always Boat Safely!

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