Which Water Level Meter Works Best for Me?

Posted: October 29, 2018
Category: Products
Tags: falling water levels, groundwater monitoring, multi-function, static water levels, water level meter, well casing, well depth

A common question posed by our customers is “What is the difference between the dipper-T and the dipper-T2?  Which one would work best for my project?” The answer to that question would depend on the scope of your project and the data collection required.  Both the dipper-T and dipper-T2 are highly accurate water level meters.  […]

Why to use Heron Instruments’ dipper-Tag for monitoring wells?

Posted: October 10, 2018
Category: Products
Tags: dipper-tag, drillers, economical, field sampling technician, water level meter, well contractor

Heron Instruments’ dipper-Tag Multi Purpose Tagline is the most economical tool in our water level meter family. The dipper-Tag water level meter can be used by drillers, well contractors, and field sampling technicians to: determine the top of the water column the bottom of the well the top of a bentonite or backfill layer or to lower […]

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