Well Profiling

well profiling
Posted: January 25, 2018
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Tags: conductivity meter, conductivity plus, contaminents, data logging tools, dipper-temp, measurement, temperature meter, well profiling

Profiling of groundwater wells is a method of collecting data on water quality and water production during a variety of investigations:  to characterize flow dynamics to determine high and low concentrations of contaminants to locate high and low production zones in pumping wells to assist in determining the correct location for pump and treat wells […]

Piezometer + SKINNY DIPPER = The Ultimate Team

Posted: January 23, 2018
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Tags: 1/4 inch probe, dataloggers, heron instruments, measurements, narrow tubes, Piezometer, short term monitoring

A piezometer is a geotechnical instrument used for measuring hydrostatic water pressure in a single stratum.  These devices are often used in groundwater studies as an alternative to more expensive observation wells.  They are the simplest method of monitoring moderate pressure, consisting of a small tube open to the atmosphere, which allows liquid to rise […]

Hanging Water Level Meters

third hand - datum point
Posted: January 18, 2018
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Tags: data, datum point, hanging, level, meters, water

All Heron Water Level Meters come equipped with the functionality to be used hands free. As part of the base of the unit, the metal bracket (1) slips easily over the lip of the well casing or standpipe to support the meter and act as a hanger for the unit. The roller (2) ensures the […]

How to change an Oil/Water Interface Meter probe

Posted: January 16, 2018
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Tags: csa, h.oil, interface, meter, oil, water, water level meter

In cases where an instrument needs to be serviced, often times you can save time and money by doing a field replacement. All you need is the parts and the know-how in order to be back on the job site. In this video, you will learn how to change a Heron Instruments H.0IL Oil/Water Interface […]

Do I need a Water Level Meter Too?

Posted: January 11, 2018
Category: Water Level Monitoring
Tags: data loggers, datalogger, groundwater, measurement, monitoring, static, water level meters, well

Many people ask: “Are Water Level Meters still required on projects where data loggers are being deployed?” “If a constant and stable water level value is being provided why would I need a manual water level measurement?” Due diligence requirements on many projects may require a secondary verification of the data.  If relying solely on submersible […]

What are DNAPL & LNAPL?

Posted: January 10, 2018
Category: Environment
Tags: dense, dense product, floating layers, hydrocarbon, interface, light, light product, liquid, measurement, non-aqueous, oil, phase, sinking layers, static levels, water

They are hazardous organic liquids such as dry cleaning chemicals, fuel oil and gasoline that do not dissolve in water.  These pollutants are always associated with human activity, cause severe environmental and health hazards, and are difficult to remove from the water supply once it has been compromised.  DNAPL & LNAPL are the two major […]

Vented or Non-Vented Datalogger… that is the Question

Heron Vented Logger
Posted: January 3, 2018
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Tags: datalogger, dipperLog NANO, groundwater, heron instruments, vented logger, water level, well

A vented datalogger (above) employs a vent tube from the surface to allow the barometric pressure to exert back pressure on the transducer to remove atmospheric influences from the measurements.  If choosing this type of datalogger you must ensure the integrity of the vented cable as a kink or pinch can prevent the vent tube […]

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