Posted: October 31, 2017
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Halloween is one of the oldest holidays still being celebrated today.  The roots of Halloween or All Hallows Eve can be traced back over 2,000 years to the Druids. A Celtic culture found in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe prior to the Roman Empire.  Their festival of Samhain, a Celtic Fire festival celebrated October […]

The International Children’s Peace Prize

Posted: October 24, 2017
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Since 2005, The Kids Rights Foundation has been awarding the International Children’s Peace Prize to a young person they feel should be recognized for their fierce efforts to improve the situation of the children in their environment and even the world.  This year, we have a Canadian nominee, Autumn Peltier. Autumn is a water advocate […]

Waste Reduction Week

waste reduction week
Posted: October 18, 2017
Category: Environment
Tags: canada, environment, reduction, waste, world

This year, Oct 16 – 22 has been declared Waste Reduction Week in Canada with the focus on a different theme each day Monday Oct 16 – Circular Economy A circular economy occurs when products are designed so that resources can be reused and reinvested in new products.  Rather than focusing on recycling, in a […]

Day Without Water – October 12th

without water
Posted: October 12, 2017
Category: Water
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Most people take the water systems that bring clean water to and from their homes and businesses for granted. They turn on the tap or flush the toilet expecting water to flow without thinking twice about where that water came from or where it will go. From source, to tap, to drain, and back, our water […]

Earth Science Week!

earth science week
Posted: October 6, 2017
Category: Newsletters
Tags: earth, october, science

Earth Science Week is an international event which takes place during the second full week of October.  It has been observed since 1998 to help people gain a better understanding of the Earth Sciences and encourage stewardship of the Earth.  This year, Earth Science Week is highlighting the relationship between human activity and its effect […]

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