Spring Cleaning Sale!

Posted: March 31, 2017
Category: Newsletters
Tags: cleaning, spring, tapes, water level meters

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we are holding a “Spring Cleaning Sale” through April 30, 2017, offering discounts on many of our most popular products in select tape lengths.  With our extensive range of water level meters we are sure to have a product that will meet your reporting requirements while remaining within your […]

It’s Maple Syrup Season

Posted: March 29, 2017
Category: Newsletters
Tags: canada, kids, maple, sap, syrup

If you ask anyone around the world what they know about Canada, the one answer you are sure to get is Maple Syrup.  It is our most famous export and a symbol of our heritage.  Canada exported 380 million dollars’ worth of maple syrup in 2014.  Even our flag is a maple leaf! Maple syrup […]

World Water Day – 2017

Posted: March 22, 2017
Category: Heron News Newsletters
Tags: 2017, environment, nature, water, world water day

This year the focus of the World Water Day is the symbiosis between water and wastewater.  It will grant an opportunity to illustrate how waste water is a valuable resource and how its safe management can be an investment that will benefit humans and ecosystems. Wastewater is used water.  It is divided into 3 major […]

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17, 2017

st pattys
Posted: March 17, 2017
Category: Newsletters
Tags: st patrick's day

St Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. Not a native son, at age 16 he was brought to Ireland as a slave, from either Scotland or Wales, and employed as a shepherd.  Upon his escape he had a vision and began spreading the word of Christianity throughout Ireland until his death on March 17, 461.  […]

Yellow Fish Road

why yellow fish
Posted: March 14, 2017
Category: Water
Tags: grates, rain, runoff, sewer. drain, storm, water

Have you noticed any of these yellow fish in your neighbourhood?  Wonder what they mean? The Yellow Fish program is an educational program that teaches about waste water and the impact it can have on our rivers and lakes.  The young people spray paint the fish on the curbs above the grates and distribute flyers […]

Underground Storage Tanks – The Invisible Threat

Posted: March 8, 2017
Category: Groundwater Products
Tags: h.oil, nature, storage tanks, ust, water

Underground Storage Tanks – The Invisible Threat The EPA estimates that there are approximately 561,000 Underground Storage Tanks (UST’s) in the United States storing petroleum, chemicals or hazardous substances.  This number does not include the many homes who have private storage tanks containing fuel oil for heating or cooking purposes.  Each of these tanks represent […]

Groundwater Awareness Week 2017

Posted: March 3, 2017
Category: Groundwater Heron News
Tags: groundwater, groundwater awareness week, heron, tips, water, well

Don’t take groundwater for granted.  Life as we know it would be impossible without it! Groundwater is the water that fills the cracks, voids and other openings in soil, sand and bedrock. The level of groundwater when measured is referred to as the water table.  Groundwater is replenished by rain and snow melt percolating down […]

March is Nutrition Month

change it up
Posted: March 1, 2017
Category: Heron News
Tags: heron, instruments, month, news, nutrition

Here at Heron Instruments  we are encouraging our staff to be more health conscious in honour of Nutrition month.  We are sponsoring a 10 minute walk at least 3 times a week for our employees.  A chart to track their progress is located at the front door and as a reward, for each 10 walks, […]

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