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Thanks again Marci. I have to say, Heron offers excellent customer service. This is my first time to sell one of your WLM and I definitely look forward to working with you again.
- Becky C.
Thanks for following up. We do a lot of business with EON Products, and decided to purchase this same model used from their rental fleet, so I guess you'll get to sell a new one to EON.

I appreciate your time, and believe in your products.
- Ted J.
Just a quick email to let you know that we are very impressed by Herons service and quality this year. You have consistently communicated well and delivered promptly, maintaining excellent quality.
- Matt P.
Thanks Jancis. I have to say, “your customer service is excellent!”
- Stan F.
Your service was very prompt.
- Ian E.
Today I have received the items.
Thank you everybody for CE certificates, it works perfectly!
Have a nice day!
- Denys T.
Thanks so much for being so responsive….love working with vendors like you. As a consultant that has used many vendors in the past, my experience with Heron was great.  Prompt service and very responsive to questions.  And the equipment works great.
Thanks so much.
- Lori H.
Thank you for donating the parts. Very much appreciated. We use these dipper-T's regularly in East Africa. Quality equipment!
- Will F.
Thanks Marci, your customer service is unparalleled!
- J. Cade
Just a note to thank one of your employees for excellent customer service.

On Friday August 5th, I spoke with Terry to get information about a purchase in 2006. Although it has been a while since the purchase was made (about 10 year ago), she worked some magic and was able to successfully find out needed information about the equipment purchased.

Her time, knowledge, and patience were really appreciated and will entice us to continue considering Heron for future purchases.
- Steve R.
To all involved,
Just thought I would take the time to tell everyone thank you for the timely manner in which my
Order was handled! You have took a lot of stress out by getting our Dipper Tough here so quick.
- Jeffrey H.
As always, it’s a pleasure working with your team.
- Ken R.
Our Heron equipment has always been reliable and easy to use. The Heron staff respond quickly to our inquiries and have been so great to work with.
- Marcia S.
Great customer support, reliable, good quality.

We have been going to Heron Instruments Groundwater Monitoring for about ten years now because they offer quality service and products. We sell and rent their equipment. We find that they are quick with processing orders and delivering. Their customer support is good with respect to troubleshooting and warranty issues. We will definitely continue to use them.
- Frank M.
I've always had a good experience with Heron Instruments. They've performed repair and data recovery for me and I like their products. I also think they're extremely helpful.
- Bruce Heitkamp, Geo Kamp Limited
Excellent instruments and service!

I have been selling Heron Instruments products for over 10 years and have learned that they are excellent instruments for performing water level instruments, detecting oil on water and measuring oil thickness and a number of other products. Their service has also proven to be supurb!
- Denise J
The Heron dipperLog is a vital tool in my college research project that requires monitoring groundwater levels and temperature. With a hectic schedule, being able to download data at any time, without interrupting long-term monitoring, is a key feature for me. The software was a breeze to learn and use.
- Maria B.
Hello Heron, I am impressed with your higher level of customer support, timely updates, recent upgrades to your products and new marketing strategy. Great work!
- Julie R.
Thank you very much for the superb service…You all go well beyond the norm of customer service.
- Chris D.
Very easy to work with. Great customer service.

We really enjoy dealing with Heron Instruments Groundwater Monitoring Inc. They are quite local to us and we quote their products and prices to clients on a regular basis. We've had no issues getting repairs done or ordering new products from them. We've been supporting them for at least six years. There's another supplier locally, but the prices and products are not completely equivalent, so we'll often quote both alternatives to our customers for comparative purposes. There are a few cases where Heron products are more well-suited for the customer. They very small, family-based company, so it's very easy to get a hold of the specific person you're looking to talk to there. It's a small sales team and I know them very well. I'm always talking to somebody I know. There's always somebody there to pick up the phone right away. It's not an automated system, which is really nice. They're all under one roof; they don't have multiple offices. Manufacturing, sales, shipping--it's all under the same roof, which means they have good communication within their office. It makes it really easy to get feedback from them and get questions answered very quickly.
- Adrian B.
Thank you for your excellent customer service. The Heron dipperLog is now my groundwater data logger of choice it is reliable, low cost and easy to use. I plan to continue to purchase the Heron dipperLog for all my future groundwater monitoring projects.
- Jim L.
Thank you for your exceptional service…We will be enthusiastically recommending your product.
- Dave. T
Friendly, great customer service!

We've been using Heron Instruments Groundwater Monitoring Inc. for over ten years. When you place an order, you get instant confirmation. Their follow up is great, and when the product ships, you get notifications. They have awesome, on time delivery. They also have worked with us on some custom items for our company needs. They come through flawlessly every time.
- Dave R.
We want to thank you for developing a great product in the Heron dipperLog groundwater data logger. It is our logger of first choice. We have found the software easy to use and the cost just can’t be beat. Due to the outstanding customer service and superior product support we have received, we continue to select your products and always recommend them to our clients and customers.
- Sarah W. P.G.
Innovative and responsive!

We are a distributor of Heron Instruments Groundwater Monitoring Inc.products. The service is always excellent. They are always very responsive. If we have an issue they will take care of it right away. I have worked with everybody from the president to the shippers. I am always satisfied. The product is also very excellent. I appreciate their innovation. It has been a great experience!
- Martin H.
I am very impressed by your company’s service and will continue to use Heron Instruments as our primary source for dipmeters.
- David M.
Excellent and efficient service

It was my first time using Heron Instruments and I had a great experience with them. All of my questions were answered. Most of the technical specs were on the website. There wasn't too much additional information I needed to get by phone or email, except a price quote. They had some additional options that weren't listed, but those were addressed and my additional questions answered.
- Dick P.
What amazing service-Congratulations
- Charles G.
Great customer service!

This was my first time using Heron Instruments Groundwater Monitoring Inc. They assisted me in a situation that I was stuck in where a tape meter broke. The technician gave me all of the information that I needed in order to make the decision to fix or replace it. I decide to replace it. I dealt with a young woman by the name of Terri in customer service. She was very responsive and easy to work with. I appreciate all of her help. I am getting my new unit tomorrow. I hope I do not gave to but I would use them again.
- Denise J.
The Heron WLM is our staff’s favourite!
- Randy H.
We have always been satisfied by Heron's people and products.
- Rand R.
As a business owner you made me want to make a better company.
- Al S.
Very satisfying and dependable

We're a rental company and we purchase Heron Instrumentals's products to rent out to people for something like thirty to forty dollars a day. They're very durable and can retain a beating. This company has worked with Heron for about fifteen years.
- Eric M.
I'm a distributor for Heron Instruments Groundwater Monitoring Inc.'s products. I deal a lot of vendors and out of all the vendors I deal with, Heron is the best as far as service goes. As far as dealing with issues, they are always willing to help out. They're fantastic. I've been with them since '96 or so, which is probably as long as they've been in existence. They have quality products at reasonable prices and they back up their products like nobody else. It's a good product to have in my inventory as far as things that I sell. I'm not an end user; I'm not out in the field using their product. I'm a guy who is selling it to those people. If they told me tomorrow that my discount is cut in half, I'd probably go to the competition. I have a different perspective in that way. There aren't a lot of people who have and manufacture these products. It's not like a Dunkin' Donuts on every corner. There are a few companies that make this equipment and I'm a distributor for all of them. But I always push Heron, because of the quality of their product and service.
- Lane H.
They treated me great.
- Will C.
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