dipperLog SMART

dipperlogsmartdipperLog SMART is an independent, wireless, real-time data transfer system requiring no cell or Wi-Fi coverage.  The network allows you to collate, view and record remote data at a single location. This turnkey system makes the data viewable on the tablet or via Bluetooth on your cell phone.  The optional web interface also allows you to upload the data to the cloud where it can be viewed using our web app. dipperLog SMART can be deployed in any location and accommodate an unlimited number of sensors.  It is totally scalable and perfectly adaptable to YOUR unique project.

There are 4 basic elements to this system: a sensor, either water depth and temperature or water detection via a downhole cable, a node dedicated to each sensor, a gateway to collect the data and a  tablet to display your result.



Heron Instruments offers either a water detection probe or a dipperLog 64 water depth and temperature meter as sensor options.


dipperLog SMART Detection Probe

Either of these connect quickly into a dipperLog SMART node to begin transmitting real time data.

If the dipperLog is the sensor of choice, it can also be programmed to record pressure and temperature data internally using the Heron Instruments software and a PC communication cable.

The dipperLog TOUGH is also compatible with this system.



Transceiver dedicated to a single sensor responsible for collecting and forwarding measurements.  Both water sensors which indicate the presence of water and water level sensors measuring water depth are compatible. The built in barometer allows all data level data transmitted to be compensated for barometric pressure influences.


This optional member of the network acts as a relay for data transfer when adjacent nodes are outside transmission range.   This unit will forward any data received to surrounding nodes and repeaters in the system to complete the coverage area.  An inexpensive way to compensate for any gaps in the network.



This is the ultimate destination of the data flow. The Gateway is the end point where all the pressure and temperature readings are gathered before being sent via Bluetooth to the Tablet or other Android device for collation and display. This Gateway uses an AC adaptor as a power source.

If you wish to view your data remotely, this is where an internet connection would be required to upload the data to the cloud.


When ordered through Heron Instruments, the tablet comes with the SugarheldTM software installed and configured for your network.  All the data from your sensors can be viewed on this tablet simply by selecting which sensor data you wish to access.


When connected to a water detection probe, this screen will indicate the wet/dry status of the probe.

Upon detecting water, the switch will be flipped, the screen will indicate “closed” and the alarm will be triggered.





When connected to a dipperLog:

  • The barometrically compensated pressure currently being measured is displayed in the top gauge
  • The current water temperature is inset into the pressure gauge
  • The barometric pressure is represented in the lower, smaller gauge
  • The current air temperature is
  • also displayed here

Scrolling down this screen, you will find a list of settings for this sensor.










app-settingsThe additional settings displayed on this view are:

  • The data refresh rate
  • The error threshold or alarm points, high and low
  • The Zero offset. Here you can enter the value of the depth to the logger so the measurement displayed can be depth to water instead of water above sensor.
  • The high and low temperature limits of the sensor.














If you wish to access your data from a remote location your tablet will need to have access to either a Wi-Fi or cell connection to upload the data to the cloud.



You can then log onto the “Smartrek Web 2.0” website, sign in to your account, select desired sensors and then click ”Details” from the dropdown box to view current conditions.

It can also be set up to notify you of any alarm conditions being met.

A graphical display of temperature and compensated pressure is displayed on the web interface for each node when connected to a Heron dipperLog. Any alarms set by the user will be indicated on the scale in red.