Conductivity & Temperature Level Meters

Water Temperature & Level Meters

For environmental professionals or those involved in the monitoring of water sources, water quality changes, indicated by temperature and conductivity fluctuations, are becoming a becoming a requirement of their work.

Heron Instruments’ dipper-Temp water level and temperature meter indicates water temperature on a digital display while still functioning as a water level meter.  It incorporates 2 sensors in the probe, one for temperature and the other for water.

As geothermal heating and cooling becomes more commonplace, hydraulic fracturing becomes more widespread and global warming is increasingly in the spotlight, temperature and conductivity profiling of wells, standpipes or other bodies of water is more in demand.  These profiles can help to characterize flow dynamics, highlight surface/groundwater interactions and identify areas of contamination.


dipper-Temp Temperature & Water Level Meter The dipper-Temp has been designed to allow for usage in harsher environments. It incorporates a Kynar coated tape for increased resistance to contaminants, allowing for readings up to 110°C read more… 

Water Conductivity & Temperature & Level Meter

If chemical contamination or saltwater intrusion is a concern in your water, we also offer the conductivity plus.  This premium water level meter will indicate not only the temperature and water level, but also the conductivity of the water on the built in high contrast digital LCD display.  Since the calibration of this conductivity probe is a simple 1 point calibration using a 1413μS standard, it is an excellent tool for use in both groundwater wells and surface water.


conductivity plus Conductivity & Temperature Meter – The Heron Instruments conductivity plus can be employed to identify areas of concern in remediation projects and to give an early indication of chemical or salt water contamination read more…