Water Level Monitoring Equipment that Rises Above the Rest

All water level monitoring instruments are not created equal. There is a substantial variation of quality between instruments for the same application made by different manufacturers. Materials used, manufacturing processes, attention to detail, functional design and customer service contribute to the quality (and success) of the product.

Many manufacturers don’t offer the complete package. We do. Our 20 years of global growth in sales are evidence of our commitment to delivering satisfaction and securing repeat business.

011-dipper T-2013Buying from Heron Gives You the Advantage

Our instruments are manufactured in North America with parts sourced from established suppliers operating within 50km of our facility in Dundas, Ontario. The benefit is that it allows us to visit our suppliers regularly and helps us maintain the quality of each component we use in our products.

Our confidence in the products we offer also comes from the rigorous testing we apply at our own manufacturing facility. Our investment in quality control testing means that your water level monitoring equipment will provide many years of excellent use. It's why we can provide the exceptional warranty coverage we do. We're not worried about our products failing. Plus, our instruments are constructed from modules that are easily replaced in the event of an unlikely breakdown.

  • We can send you an immediate replacement part for use while we repair your broken piece
  • Most of our shipments arrive within 4 days, keeping your downtime to a minimum
  • User friendly designs make it simple to repair our instruments.

Heron Has What You Need To Monitor Your Groundwater

We offer a comprehensive line of products suitable for all your groundwater monitoring needs.

Click through one of the above links or contact us for a quote. We look forward to showing you why we’re the most trusted name in water level monitoring equipment.

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