SM.OIL Interface Meter- Certified Intrinsically Safe!

If you are buying an interface meter such as our SM.OIL/Water Interface Meter, take time to read the label. Buy a unit that gives the greatest degree of safety over the widest range of gases. The Heron SM.OIL is certified to the highest standard in North America. Class I, Gr,A,B,C,D T4 Exia CSA and URL. View our certificate here.

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Product Description

Features and Advantages

Small on Size, Big on Features

The unit may only weigh 4.24lbs but it packs a huge amount of function into a small frame. It will measure to 60ft (20m) below the top of the well, perfect for shallow wells or high water tables. The SM.OIL interface meter measures the thickness of floating (LNAPL) or sinking (DNAPL) layers of hydrocarbon products in the groundwater. Many of these instruments are used in refineries and by oil spill and remediation companies, landfills and site clean-up projects.

We offer a three year warranty on the tape and reel remediation.

Product Longevity

All our products are tested and tested again to ensure durability and function. Heron’s use of high quality materials ensures that our products will stand the test of time. Our past customers agree, as we have expanded our capabilities continuously over our 20 year history to meet domestic and international demand for Heron products.

Because of the modular construction of these SM.OIL units, repairs are easily affected without compromising the intrinsic safety.

If the light weight smaller SM.OIL is the right unit for you, call us today to place your order.