National Groundwater Awareness Week

groundwater awareness week
Posted: March 12, 2018
Category: Environment
Tags: conductivity, groundwater, groundwater awareness week, tend, test, treat, water

This National Groundwater Awareness Week is dedicated to highlighting the importance of groundwater.  Life as we know it would not be possible without it.  99% of the world’s usable water is groundwater.  It is the world’s most extracted resource with projected withdrawal rates of 259 trilion gallons per year.  It is estimated that 44% of […]

International Polar Bear Day February 27th

Posted: February 2, 2018
Category: Environment
Tags: ice, international, polar bears, water

Polar Bear Facts 60% of the estimated 26,000 polar bears live in Canada. The primary conservation concern for polar bears is habitat loss and reduced access to their primary prey due to climate change. Polar bear’s home is on the Sea Ice Four Sea Ice Regions Seasonal Ice Southern extreme of polar bear’s range Ice […]

Urban Wetlands: Prized Land, Not Wasteland

world wetlands day
Posted: February 2, 2018
Category: Environment Water
Tags: day, ecosystem, february, flooding, storage, storm water, wetlands, world

Wetlands are transitional ecosystems between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems with plants, animals and soils that are adapted to wet conditions.  The water can be still or flowing, fresh, salty or brackish and the area may be permanently or only periodically inundated. Urban wetlands are those which lay within the boundaries of a city or town.  Wetlands […]

What are DNAPL & LNAPL?

Posted: January 10, 2018
Category: Environment
Tags: dense, dense product, floating layers, hydrocarbon, interface, light, light product, liquid, measurement, non-aqueous, oil, phase, sinking layers, static levels, water

They are hazardous organic liquids such as dry cleaning chemicals, fuel oil and gasoline that do not dissolve in water.  These pollutants are always associated with human activity, cause severe environmental and health hazards, and are difficult to remove from the water supply once it has been compromised.  DNAPL & LNAPL are the two major […]

Waste Reduction Week

waste reduction week
Posted: October 18, 2017
Category: Environment
Tags: canada, environment, reduction, waste, world

This year, Oct 16 – 22 has been declared Waste Reduction Week in Canada with the focus on a different theme each day Monday Oct 16 – Circular Economy A circular economy occurs when products are designed so that resources can be reused and reinvested in new products.  Rather than focusing on recycling, in a […]

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