Groundwater Management Is Of Global Importance

One of the greatest challenges facing our planet today is groundwater management, conservation through water management systems, and equitable distribution of fresh water supplies (from lakes to rivers and groundwater aquifers). Below is some food for thought:

  • Water Conservation97 per cent of the water on the planet is salt water
  • 2 per cent is locked in glacial ice
  • 1 per cent remains for our shared use
  • It takes 10,000 litres water to raise one pound of beef
  • It takes 300,000 litres of water to grow one acre of corn
  • It takes 250,000 litres of water to produce one ton of steel
  • It takes 6000 litres of water to produce one barrel of beer
  • Average water use per person in the US is 200 litres/day
  • Average water use per person in developing countries is 40 litres/day
  • Average water use in the US per household is 400,000 litres/day
  • In the US, 17,000,000 households take water from private wells

A Consistent Water Supply

The Earth has the same amount of water it did 65 million years ago. However that one per cent is not evenly distributed and is used wastefully by industry and individuals alike. The continued change in climate patterns as scientists overwhelmingly agree, is a result of human activities that may cause a redistribution of water that could affect the whole planet and all life upon it,

Facing this challenge requires international cooperation on an enormous and unprecedented scale. The conservation, management, allocation and distribution of water will become one of the most crucial endeavours of the 21st century on both a micro and macro level. While industry must find ways to reuse or limit the use of fresh water, individuals and single households also play a part in the overall success of global water management systems.

Playing Our Part

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