Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation

Groundwater monitoring and remediation is critical now more than ever. Many fresh water sources have been degraded by the introduction of industrial, agricultural and human waste products. The careless or intentional discharge into the ground that has dispersed into the aquifers and surface water bodies surrounding them are toxic to life. These sources of water must be rehabilitated.

WetlandsChanges in Our Perception and Capabilities

A recently heightened public awareness of the damage that can occur through this type of abuse has given rise to new regulations regarding the safe disposal of toxic waste and the recovery of contaminated areas. Groundwater monitoring and remediation programs abound in the developed world today.

The river Thames, the largest river within the borders of England, was declared biologically dead little more than 50 years ago. Thanks to aggressive action taken to return the river to its natural equilibrium, it is now home to 125 species of fish and over 400 species of invertebrates. Seals and dolphins are seen from the banks as the river winds its way through London.

Harming Our Wetlands Can Sprawl

Today, groundwater remediation efforts attempt to rehabilitate many neglected wetlands, critical appendages in the ecosystems of rivers and streams. In the past, wetlands were thoughtlessly drained and backfilled to provide development land for housing or agriculture. This practice is infrequent and many wetlands are being rehabilitated to provide habitats for animals and to return rivers and streams to their original states.

The Heron Instruments H01L and Sm.01Ll water interface meters are used on many remediation sites to detect floating or sinking hydrocarbon layers or to confirm their absence.
The dipperLog system is widely used to monitor stream levels at wetland sites. Using our dipperWave in conjunction with our loggers can reduce human intrusion into these sensitive waterways.

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