What Happens During a PTTW Review?

If you are planning to access water in the Ontario area, you should be aware of the rules and regulations that the province’s Ministry has set out in order to protect its water resources.  The PTTW permit is intended for persons or organizations whose daily water intake, regardless of its use, exceeds 50,000 liters. There […]

What is Groundwater Remediation?

You may have heard it mentioned on the news or seen it written in an article before, but most people aren’t familiar with the term groundwater remediation. The process of removing pollution and contaminants from groundwater aquifers is called remediation. A large number of Canadians rely on groundwater for their basic needs, from drinking and […]

How is Groundwater Affected by Pollution?

Everyone understands pollution is bad, especially when it gets into sources of fresh water used for drinking, washing and irrigating. But what about pollution specifically makes it such a hazard, and is a certain type of contaminant worse than others? Understanding which pollutants are most worrisome, how they get into groundwater and how they affect […]

How Much Groundwater Does Canada Have?

Many people take their tap water for granted, leaving it running while brushing their teeth, taking excessively long showers or allowing the sink to run non-stop while doing the dishes. The truth is water is a limited resource. But just how limited is it? Some people rely on lakes, rivers and other sources of fresh […]

Well Development Basics

Whether you live in a remote area, question the quality of your tap water or prefer to lower your utility costs, having access to a personal well can seem like a fantastic solution to your conundrum. Many people think that only professionals with gigantic commercial drillers are capable of developing wells, but homeowners can create […]

Multiple sclerosis impacts thousands of Canadians and their families every year, but hope for a cure is getting closer. You can help by participating in the annual MS walk

Every Canadian has heard of multiple sclerosis; many have family members or friends living with MS on a daily basis. While most Canadians know that it can be a very debilitating disease, less of us have a full understanding of just how widespread it is within our borders, with three more people in Canada diagnosed […]

The New and Improved dipper-T!

The new dipper-T has even greater flexibility, giving way to new field applications. Our clients know the dipper-T Water Level Meter as a reliable, durable and accurate instrument for measuring static head levels in wells and boreholes. We’ve just upgraded our dipper-T to include a new drawDown mode. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your old […]