The New and Improved dipper-T!

The new dipper-T has even greater flexibility, giving way to new field applications. Our clients know the dipper-T Water Level Meter as a reliable, durable and accurate instrument for measuring static head levels in wells and boreholes. We’ve just upgraded our dipper-T to include a new drawDown mode. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your old […]

Save Some Water this Year

Another year and another United Nations World Water Day is in the books. But we don’t think you should put water out of your mind for the next 11 months. The UN compiled an extensive document titled the World Water Development Report on Water and Energy and published it on March 22, 2014. We found […]

How to Choose a Quality Groundwater Monitoring Instrument

Scientists, geologists and consultants involved in applications such as water quality measurement, stormwater control, water resource remediation and well assessments depend on high quality, accurate monitoring instruments for their work. Without consistent results in the field, they would be unable to perform the detailed analyses used to direct limited company, government or individual resources to […]

Why Stretch Proof Water Tape Does Not Exist

To the nonprofessional, measuring groundwater levels may seem to be a process that does not require precise measurement. If you are not a groundwater technician and only want to know if there is water in your well, this may be the case. Ground-water Measurements to Fractions of an Inch Many ground-water investigations, however, require extreme […]

Can You Really Achieve Absolute Measurement?

The phrase “absolute accuracy” as applied to any measurement might seem to imply that measurements can be taken that are the “real or true value,” unquestioned and indubitable. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an absolutely accurate measurement even with the finest instruments that man can make. The accuracy of any measurement must always […]