A Heron Water Level Monitor is the Instrument of Choice for Professionals Worldwide

Heron Instruments is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the finest water level monitoring systems for groundwater professionals, and rural property owners worldwide.

Our reputation for accurate and durable water level measuring instruments makes us the choice of hydrologists, engineers and well drillers across the globe.

water level monitorWe’ve developed a broad range of ground water level measuring instruments to measure and continually monitor changes in the water table level. We continue to devote resources into R&D to expand and improve our water level instrument line and enhance customer satisfaction.

Heron Instruments’ product line includes static and falling head water level meters, dip meters, oil / water interface meters and groundwater data loggers.

Our Best Selling Water Level Monitor

The dipper-T water level meter is a top quality instrument used to measure static and falling head levels in wells and boreholes.

Heron’s dipper-T in static mode is used to measure the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes. In drawDown mode, it can measure falling water levels during purging, well development and for low flow sampling – helping protect your pumps from damage caused by dry running.

Intrinsically Safe Interface Meter

water level meterHeron’s H.OIL oil/water interface meter is used confidently by groundwater professionals worldwide. The H.OIL meter measures the thickness of floating or sinking (LNAPL or DNAPL) hydrocarbon products in groundwater accurately, reliably and economically.

The hydrocarbon resistant Kynar-jacketed, high tensile steel core tape and its intrinsically safe certification make the H.OIL ideal for use in hazardous environments.

The Affordable Groundwater Level Data Logger

The dipperLog NANO is a top of the line, low cost, accurate, user friendly groundwater data logger. It’s used by groundwater professionals in need of a durable, reliable and cost effective solution to long term groundwater level monitoring in boreholes and open bodies of water. The Heron logger is also suited for applications involving short term pump and slug testing or for wetland and tidal studies.

With an intuitive program, the dipperLog NANO is simple to launch and data recovery is fast and simple. The multiple application theme function allows you to change the visibility of the software on your screen. The system also allows users to enhance data logging projects using a family of compatible and affordable accessories.

Function, quality, customer service and value are our driving force.

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