A Heron Water Level Monitor is the Instrument of Choice for Professionals Worldwide

Heron Instruments is dedicated to designing and building the finest water level monitor for groundwater professionals, and rural property owners worldwide.

Heron Instruments’ reputation for accuracy and durability in water level measuring instruments has made us the choice of hydrologists, engineers and well drillers across the globe.

water level monitoringWe have developed a range of ground water level measuring instruments to measure and continually monitor changes in the water table level.

We continue to devote resources into R&D to improve and expand our water level instrument line and to enhance customer satisfaction.

Heron Instruments product line includes static water level meters, dip meters, oil / water interface meters and groundwater data loggers.

Our Best Selling Water Level Monitor

The Heron dipper-T now comes equipped with a drawdown facility which may be used to measure falling water heads in drawdown tests or help protect sampling pumps from dry running.

These interface meters are used to detect hydrocarbon intrusion into the groundwater table and will detect floating (LNAPL) or sinking (DNAPL) hydrocarbons safely and reliably.

The H.01L range of interface meters sit perpetually at the top of the intrinsic safety ratings for this class of product.

egyptThe dipperLog NANO is one of the most cost effective ground water level loggers on the market. This top class water level instrument has now been in production for over 12 years and has evolved into a world class logger.

The dipperLog was designed in house by Heron Instruments with the goal of producing a low cost logger with he same capabilities as other, far more costly loggers. And it had to be more user friendly than the competition.

Caution: Do not buy any other logger until you have checked out the low cost dipperLog NANO and its impressive accessories.

Function, quality, customer service and value are our driving force.

To meet the rising demand for our products, Heron Instruments continues to expand both our production capacity and the line of ground water monitoring instruments that we produce.

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